About this blog

For many years legal background screening and due diligence in Russia was a myth.

Numerous partially professional agencies were proud to offer “back door” information for a penny with no attention to reputation and code of ethic of their clients. Being proud of their “resources”, these companies determined the face of competitive intelligence, background screening and due diligence in CIS for a last decade.

There’s no need to remind public scandals and resignations when Russian and International companies were claimed for illegal use of private and business secrets. It is sad, but almost every backyard of these scandals was full of reliable and experienced professional investigators who had no idea that their innocent "everyday work" can lead to reputation loss or even bankruptcy of the client.

My mission is to show colleagues & clients from around the World that there is a chance of successful cooperation with local Russian companies in background screening and due diligence projects if both parties will respect the Law and follow best business practices.

I hope that my work will help to promote fair background screening and due diligence procedures. I also believe that trustworthy international cooperation of professional investigators will make business safer and reduce corruption and fraud.

Dmitry Ivanov