Friday 12 March 2010

Pre-employment screening of Russian citizens (1)

I think it is a good idea to start from pre-employment screening of Russian citizens. This task is common and widely used by international companies during start-ups or development of their Russian brunches. I had several dozens projects of top-managers and regular workers background screening for EU companies in Russia and wish to share my experience of cooperation.

LAW: Personal data of Russian citizens is protected by the Federal Law “On the Personal data” #152-FZ dated 07.26.2007. Unless it was published on the Internet or printed media, personal data can’t be collected or analyzed without written permission of the Subject. Debates follow application of this Law since the date of its publication, but main rules are simple:
  • “If you wish to make pre-employment screening of your applicant – take a written permission to check his personal data”
  • “If you wish to have your employees under control, add the disclaimer to the Labor agreement that personal data of employee can be regular screened by internal audit department or sub-contractor of the company”

That’s all for today. Next post will be about the data and informational sources for pre-employmant screening in Russia.


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