Wednesday 28 April 2010

Since January 2011 the database of Russian medical professionals will be available for public by request.

The Ministry of Public Heals and Social Development announced short –termed plan for 2010-2012 where it is proclaimed that by the end of 2010 every Russian citizen by request will be able to check education of his doctor or medical adviser. Up until now it is not clear how the Ministry plans to implement this Federal project. Moreover, it is doubtful that the education screening process will be in compliance with the Federal Law on Personal data. Anyway, if this screening process will be legal, quick and reliable we can foresee decrees in corruption among medical professionals and general improvement of quality in the public health services market.
By the end of April it is proclaimed that the database of medical professional already includes 390 thousands records. It is planed that the whole database will have about 1 800 thousands records.
I will keep my eyes opened and will mandatory inform you if, how and where this data will be available.

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